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Lyane Leigh - Canyon of my heart (Coverfoto) Lyane Leigh Hegemann

Lyane Leigh is well-known through her participation as a lead singer of the bands E-Rotic and S.E.X.Appeal. With E-Rotic, Lyane has received numerous gold and platinum awards worldwide for her hits "Max Don´t Have Sex With Your Ex" or "Fred Come To Bed". But even before her 90s-E-Rotic-time, Lyane was NOT unsuccessful. In 1989 and 1990, with her German-singing band Xanadu, she took part in the preliminary round for the Eurovision song contest with a good 2nd place. With her solo part in the Bad Boys Blue Hit "Come Back And Stay", she received a gold nomination in 1987 for the first time and at the beginning of her musical career.

"Canyon Of My Heart" is a new 2017 Remix Special for all Lyane-Fans and represents the typical Lyane-S.E.X.Appeal style.