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Nick Cold

Nick Cold - Leave your trace (CD Cover)
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Leave your trace
With his smash hit "Story Of My Life", singer/songwriter Nick Cold spent 4 consecutive weeks at number 1 on the WDC50 charts and was a guest on many radio shows. Now he is back with his follow-up single "Leave Your Trace", which also marks the final pre-release from his upcoming eponymous album, ready for release in May. The song is about love, passion and all the traces every human leaves behind in his lifetime. Nick delivers the perfect sequel for his fans, with catchy hooks, dance/EDM-like sounds and his distinctive voice.

Huge Remix-package!
Remixes by Marq Aurel & Rayman Rave and Danjel Summers are perfectly tailored to the club scene. Those who enjoy calmer beats can chill to the Cold-Down Remix on their sofas. The outstanding highlight of this EP is a duet with Lyane Leigh, who enjoyed considerable success during the 90s as the voice of dancefloor project E-Rotic and is still prolific in the music business today.

Lyane's and Nick's voices go perfectly well together, goosebumps guaranteed.

New Album available soon!
The debut album "Leave Your Trace" will see its release in May on 3H Records and is available on CD, streaming services and for download. It comes with all the previous hits by Nick Cold and also features some brand new dance-rock-pop songs. A definitive must-have for all music lovers.

Nick Cold feat. Pit Bailay - Story of my life

Nick Cold - Story of my life (CD Cover)
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Nach "What would you do" folgt nun die nächste Veröffentlichung von Nick Cold. Wieder ein Song mit grossem Hitpotenzial!

Dieses Mal ist der Sänger Pit Bailay mit an Bord! Pit ist in den derzeitigen Dance-Charts sowohl als Sänger, als auch als Produzent ein Begriff. So ist ein Song entstanden, der seinesgleichen sucht: Eine absolut einzigartige Hit-Mischung aus Dance und US-PopRock! Die geniale Hookline des Songs geht sofort ins Ohr und lädt zum Mitsingen und Tanzen ein.

Neben der original Radio- und Extended Version umfasst die Maxi-Single den "3H Dance Mix", eine Mischung aus modernen "Next Generation"-Eurodance-Beats und rockigen Gitarren. Als kleines Extra gibt es ausserdem den Bonustrack "Marked by Life", der in enger Zusammenarbeit mit dem US-Country-Dänger Douglas (ein langjähriger Freund von Nick) entstand. Eine zwar etwas untypische und experimentelle, aber dennoch gelungene Nick-Cold-Ballade. Nick hebt damit wieder einmal seine Vielseitigkeit hervor.

After "What would you do", Nick Cold delivers another catchy song with great hit potential on 3H Records. With the involvement of Pit Bailay, a singer and producer well-known in the dance charts, an absolutely unique mix of Dance and US Pop-Rock was created. The brilliant hookline immediately gets stuck in your head once heard and makes you wanna dance and sing along.

Apart from the Original Radio and Extended Version, the Maxi-Single includes the "3H Dance Mix", a mixture of modern "Next Generation"-Eurodance beats and rocking guitars. The added bonus track entitled "Marked by Life" emerged in close collaboration with US-Country singer Douglas, a longtime friend of Nick's. It is a somewhat untypical, experimental but very pleasing Nick-Cold-Ballad that once again emphasizes his versatility.

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Nick Cold feat. Mara Klang - What would you do

Nick Cold
Nick Cold - What would you do
Für alle Eurodance-Fans ist der sympathische Wahlfranzose längst kein Unbekannter mehr - Nick Cold machte sich schon vor geraumer Zeit durch seine Mitwirkung bei "United Passion", "Boundless" oder "Groove Empire" einen Namen. Nun geht er als Solo-Künstler komplett neue Wege. Nach dem Dancefloor-Kracher "Children of the Night" und der Dancepop-Ballade "Man in the Mirror" folgt jetzt der dritte Streich.

Der neueste DancePop-Hit "What would you do" (3H Records, Germany) besticht wieder durch eine eingängige Hook und vorantreibende DancePop-Rock Beats. Diesmal mit Gastsängerin Mara Klang, die durch eine umwerfende und aussergewöhnlichen Stimme dem Song die spezielle Note gibt.

Ein Song, der direkt ins Ohr und Herz geht!

Nick Cold lässt sich definitiv nicht in eine Schublade pressen. Er besticht durch tiefgründige Texte gepaart mit fetten DancePop Sounds. Erfolgreich und eigenständig geht er seinen Weg.

Nick Cold (also known as the bandleader of "United Passion") now tries ways as an solo artist. After his dance hit "Children of the Night" and the dancepop ballad "Man in the Mirror" the next sure shot is on its way to enter the charts.

The latest DancePop Track "What would you do" (3H Records, Germany) is again captivating with a catchy hook and pre-drifting DancePop rock beats. This time, his guest singer (Mara Klang) and her outstanding voice gives the song the very special note.

This song goes directly into your ear and heart!

Nick Cold definitely can't be put in a drawer. He is characterized by profound lyrics in combination with fat DancePop Sounds. Successfully and independently he goes his way.

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